Pilolos Kids is the result of a dream …. an inspiration ….. my 2 PILOLAS … Martina is what moves my hand to Paula and creativity that pushes me to venture into the world of imagination … ! And thanks to BabyStarKids noticed that my products and pushed me to jump ….. Here I am jumping without a net … but from the hand of Ariana (Fun * das BCN ) – A mom with super powers and success he gave me his ” magic potion ” to guide me in my beginning …. thanks and Thanks ! After hours and hours of imagination KIDS PILOLOS born with the aim of providing useful, practical and beautiful things ( difficult combination ) for you Mom, for Martin, to John, to Julia , Valeria , Mia, Paul …. To all ! If you want your children to develop their imagination and have a room , a games room , a few additions …. mega pimps, Pilolos Kids offers original and ” cane ” ideas. Through our designs and prints find a product MADE WITH LOVE FOR KIDS …… Piloloskids.Lullaby